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Whether you are buying a new home or selling your existing home or Re-mortgaging your home, McKinnon Hewitt has an experienced team to assist. Even before you decide to market your home, or look for a new home, there are many questions you may wish to ask. Our team at McKinnon Hewitt is able to help you with all of these issues and the best way of solving many problems you have in the course of your conveyancing.

McKinnon Hewitt provides a free quotation service and aim to deliver a friendly and efficient service taking up as little of your precious time as is possible. We appreciate that most people have work commitments and that it may be difficult for you to attend our Offices. We will do our best to deal with as much of your case as possible over the telephone, by post or email if you wish.

For further information contact Frances Hewitt or Sandra McMillan.

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Our Firm has provided an excellent legal service in Ayrshire for over 30 years. Our Partners have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and our team provides a friendly and efficient service.

At McKinnon Hewitt we offer a competitive rate for our fees and access to the Scottish Legal Aid system, for certain types of work. Our aim is to provide a swift and efficient service providing support, advice and guidance to our clients in dealing with all their legal requirements.